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Anderson Adkins & Associates is a general and family psychology practice. It is a partnership of Dr. Neal D. Anderson, C.Psych. and Dr. Elizabeth Adkins, C.Psych., who maintain individual practices and supervise the work of their clinical associates. We provide services to children, teens, adults, couples, and families, and work with a broad range of issues.

Red Ladder Optimized Learning is the part of our practice dedicated to providing comprehensive, accessible psycho-educational evaluation and treatment services for children, teens, and adults. Where a person struggles with learning—in school or college, in university or on the job—Red Ladder Optimized Learning works to identify what's causing the problem, and to help the child, teen, or adult toward more success in school and in life.

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Anderson Adkins & Associates Services

We provide psychological services to children, teens, adults, couples, and families. We offer assistance with a range of issues, including:

Stress Management
Acute Stress
Marital Difficulties
Family Relationship Problems
Sexual Difficulties
Problems at Work
Anger Management
Addictions (e.g. Alcohol, Smoking)
Behavioural Health Consultation

As Red Ladder Optimized Learning, we offer evaluation and treatment of:

Learning Disabilities
Non-Verbal Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Intellectual Disabilities
Fetal Alcohol Problems
Developmental Issues
Behavioural Problems

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